Katy Beinart

Examples of education projects for schools and galleries.

The Secret Classroom, Creative Partnerships at Fairways Primary school, 2009

secret classroom secret classroom secret classroom
secret classroom secret classroom secret classroom
secret classroom secret classroom secret classroom

I worked with designer Donna Walker, and children and staff at Fairways, to transform a derelict swimming pool site into an outdoor classroom and garden. The design was based on the idea of 'forking paths' with each pair of doors leading into a different learning area, or onto another path. We reused artefacts from the swimming pool including floats, matting, and armbands, and all the furniture, doors and materials for the 'beach hut' were donated, and reused. The project involved a lot of hard work and huge thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time (and muscle!), and to Billy and Kirk for their building skills! We plan to go back in September for a launch event.

Creative Partnerships at Buckingham Primary School

time machine time machine time machine
time machine time machine time machine

I worked with children at Buckingham Primary School to design and make a time machine. The children created drawings and models and we built a structure on wheels which they decorated, with control panels, accessories and camoflage designs. The machine can be unfolded for use in the classroom as a learning portal to take the children on journeys of the imagination into different places and times.

Pattern Resource for Turner Contemporary, Stour Valley Arts and Canterbury Museums


I wrote and illustrated a teaching resource for primary level which uses the collections of the gallery, musuems and Stour Valley Arts to explore links between maths and patten. The resource can be downloaded as pdfs here

Julian Sinzogan Project at The October Gallery & RISC, 2008

Boat Boat Boat

I worked with local primary school pupils in response to work by artist Julian Sinzogan, whose work references slavery and migration. We made small and large 3d boats, the sails of which were made from flags designed by the children which were based on their family identity, and responded to textile design from Benin.

Donnington Doorstep Youth Space: Consultation Project

model model stylesheet
This family centre in Oxford was redesigning its youth space, so I worked with teenagers to come up with ideas for what they wanted the space to look like. We used models, drawings, style sheets and online design tools to design the new space. The project report can be downloaded here as a pdf file: Donnington Doorstep Report

Art in Rose Hill: Our Space

Rose Hill photo Rose Hill photo

Rose Hill photo Rose Hill photo

A project with young people in Rose Hill exploring 'tourist' sites of the area. We used digital and film photography and also pinhole cameras to record their favourite locations and views, and these were shown at an exhibition at Modern Art Oxford Cafe, Oxford from 29th April-28th June 2008

Art in Rose Hill was a 3 year programme of projects in Rose Hill, Oxford, supported by Modern Art Oxford.