Project: Acts of Transfer, 2021

A collaboration between artist Katy Beinart and writer Lizzie Lloyd, this project uses image and text to reactivate past socially engaged art projects, making visible their legacies to better understand their ongoing effect. Beinart and Lloyd have worked with 9 artists and project participants to revisit an artwork. Through ‘re-enacting’ the original work they reflect on the meaning of the work, how the memory of it shifts, and what both artists and participants have taken away from it. These re-enactments are shown as a series of short films, images and texts work in progress documenting the conversations Beinart and Lloyd have held with each artist/participant.

Funded by Arts Council England and the Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics at the University of Brighton.

Images: stills from Acts of Transfer films, Beinart & Lloyd 2021